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how to receive the best advice for free!

If I told you how, would you do it?

I know what you are thinking… Nothing in life is free!  There must be a catch… Well I dare you to stop and consider the possibility of what if you were wrong?... What if you could really have easy access to the best advice for you and it was totally free, you just needed to have the right tools to access it, the right guidance to make the first connection and then the commitment to spend time working on the technique to get fast and accurate results.  Would you be interested to learn more…?

How many CEOs have spent literally hundreds of thousands of pounds investing in another companies’ advice on marketing, strategy, new product development, I could go on and on and on. What if those same CEOs could simply tap into their higher consciousness quickly and easily, what if those CEOs could access that higher part of themselves; that knows everything and only has their best interest at heart… What amazing possibilities could they create between them!

So what is your higher Self I hear you ask? Your higher self is, to put it simply, a divine being that is a higher vibrational aspect of YOU. Your higher self is part of you and knows you inside out! Your higher self can help you remember who you truly are. Your higher self can help you remember what you came here to accomplish and give you the best advice on how to go about it. Your higher self will never put you down. Your higher self will never advise you to harm another or treat another person badly. Your higher self is there to fight your corner, to love and advise you how to be the best you can possibly be.

However, It is vital to have the tools to discern whether you are truly receiving the advice of your higher self or simply being indulged by your negative ego. This is where the Awaken Thyself Class can help! Awaken thyself is a jam packed class, full of helpful information that you can use in your everyday life. One of the parts of the Awaken Thyself Class is the Sanctuary Meditation technique which once mastered can be done anywhere and at any time to access your higher self.

The key to success is SIMPLE. You need to do it! Its like going to the gym... the more you train the stronger you become. The stronger you become the more weights you can lift and the longer you can hold them. It is the same with meditation. The more you do it, the easier and faster it becomes and the clearer the messages will be. If you would like to join me to receive some powerful tools of transformation and guidance then please message me at 

Love and hugs

Sophia xx

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