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Say Farewell to that monday morning feeling!

Here is your first FREE exercise to get your week off to a great start!

Make Time Every Day to connect to the elements to help ground, balance and inspire!

Whether you are aware of it or not we are all made up of the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire. When these elements are in balance we are in balance!

Connect to the Element of Earth;

I invite you to imagine you are at the beach and you are walking in the sand. Really allow yourself time to connect with this beautiful energy of earth. Use your senses to assist in this task. See the sand; gold, crisp, shining in the sunlight. Feel the sand, notice the texture as you walk, taste the sand, smell the sand and finally hear the sand. Allow your imagination to run free!

Connect to the Element of  Water; 

I invite you to imagine that you are in wading in the clear, calm, warm waters of the sea. Again use your 5 senses to deeply connect to the element of water. See the sea, notice the colour of the water, see how the sun reflects on the water and how it sparkles. Hear the sea, what message does it bring?  Feel the sea, how does it feel as it laps around your knees?  Smell the sea and finally taste the sea.

Connect to the Element of Air; 

imagine you have a beautiful, gentle breeze blowing on your upper torso. Again use all of your 5 senses to really connect to this element of air. Feel the air as it circulates around you.  See the air as it gently causes the sand and the water to move.  Hear the air, what messages does it bring? Smell the air, what does this conjure up in your mind?  Taste the air.

Connect to the element of Fire; 

Now finally imagine you have the sun gently shining down on your face and shoulders. Use your 5 senses to again make a deep connection to the element of fire. Feel the sun on your body. Smell the sun as it shines brightly.  Hear the sun reaching into the core of your being.  Taste the sun and  see the sun as it dances brightly all around you.

Simple points to remember.

When we are strong in earth, we are grounded and stable and more able to ground any ideas we have into the physical to manifest them into reality!

When we are balanced in water, we have our emotions under control and not our emotions controlling us!

When we are flowing freely in air we hold that space for ideas to flow and when this element of air is in balance we are not overwhelmed with too many thoughts racing around our head that can then distract us and take us off course.

Finally when we have the element of fire flowing in a balanced way we can tap into that creative energy, we have the surge of energy that assists us in taking the next step forward.

Now, its over to you! Use and enjoy! If you are interested in exploring more of these concepts please feel free to message me at

Blessings and love

Sophia x

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