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Take time to breathe away stress on a tuesday!

Here is your 2nd FREE exercise to help keep you balanced and calm!

Stress may be an unavoidable part of life, but how you respond to it is totally in your control!

Below you will find an easy, yet effective routine that you can do at any time to help switch off the stress response naturally.

Remember changing the way you breathe is the fastest way to change how you feel.

When you are sensing yourself getting stressed from sitting in rush-hour traffic, or you start to feel anxious about an upcoming presentation at work, or perhaps you wake up feeling on edge following a bad night’s sleep, regulating your breath will calm you down!

Stress jump-starts the body’s fight or flight response, which tenses muscles and keeps your mind focused on whatever is causing the stress. Since it is going to be a challenge to completely rid our lives of stress, the best practice is to develop a healthy relationship with it. We are conditioned to believe that stress is terrible and something we need to avoid or fight. Rather than resist what is happening in the moment, you can use your breath to restore balance to the nervous system.

Remember when you feel grounded, it is so much easier to take a step back in challenging situations to gain some perspective by seeing the bigger picture.

Sadly breathing is something that is easy to take for granted because it’s automatic. It’s also easy to write off any breathwork practice and think, "That's too simple — it won't work for me." In reality, adopting a breathwork practice will help you cultivate a healthy relationship with stress and give you more energy in your life.  Remember sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful!

Breathwork is active meditation. Breathing is the most powerful healing technology and you can practice it anywhere!

So the next time you feel anxious or stressed out, try this effective breathing exercise to gain control of your emotions and calm yourself down.

a) Breathe in through the nose for a count of 4

b) Hold your breath for a count of 4

c) Breathe out through the nose for a count of 4

d) Hold for a count of 4

This is one cycle and you want to repeat that cycle at least 6 times.

To get the maximum effect from this simple breathing technique I would encourage you to do this exercise at least 10 times during the day.

Give it a try and feel yourself unwind.​

Love and Hugs

Sophia xx

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