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My Free Top 5 Tips on how to Hit your Reset Button!

Just as your computer needs to be rebooted and cleaned, your brain needs rebooting too! You see, when programmed properly, the brain can enable us to experience positivity, love, spirituality, creativity and ingenuity. When programmed incorrectly it can create the physical manifestation of excessive stress, negative thinking, negative self-talk, exaggeration, destructive judgement, victim mentality, fear and depression! Not so good.

Experts have often compared the brain to a powerful sending and receiving computer connected to the matrix of life.

You may not realise, as you are reading this, that you are in possession of and are using the most powerful supercomputer in existence! In fact it is probably far more powerful than all of the computers in the world combined. You might not feel like you do, but it is true!

For some reason we take more care of all the other organs of the body, muscles, bones, ligaments and skin. Yet remarkably, we neglect the very organ that is responsible for dealing with our emotions, feelings, thoughts and our physical well being. Indeed some say that the brain is the organ responsible for enabling us to shape the very course of our lives!

Top Tips on how to Hit the reset button daily to prevent clogging up your mental RAM!

Tip 1: Take a Break!

Making time for short breaks throughout the day can make all the difference to how your day goes. Long hours sat at your desk, heavy workloads and tight deadlines, may not only affect your mental capacity and performance but your physical health too. Taking small amounts of time out from your work can help both your mind and body to relax and recover. I have just returned from a break myself as the moment I started typing the above tip I realised I had spent the last 4 hours at my computer and was in need of a dose of my own medicine! I've been for a lovely walk in the fresh, slightly chilly air, and I have now returned half an hour later feeling refreshed, energised and raring to go again! Did you know that a 20 minute walk can increase blood flow to the brain. Needless to say, it wasn't until I got up and got moving that I realised how stiff and achy my body felt too.

Tip 2: Change activities

- Get doodling: Get creative! Let your mind wander as you put pen to paper. When you start getting creative on paper it can help that creative flow in general so that new ideas can start to flow. It could also help you stay relaxed and focused.

- Listen to music. Research shows that certain types of music are very helpful in recalling memories, so be mindful of the music you chose! Information that is learned while listening to a particular song or collection can often be recalled more easily by thinking of the song or “playing” it mentally.

- Read a book, make sure it is not work related though! Fiction is great! Apparently studies have shown that individuals who frequently read fiction are able to understand others better, empathise with them and see the world from their perspective...

- Plan something fun such as a surprise trip or holiday. Research has shown that anticipating a trip often makes people happier than the trip itself!

Tip 3: Be with loved ones

Research shows that a good social support network has numerous physical and mental health benefits. It can keep you from feeling lonely, isolated or inadequate and if you feel good about yourself, you can deal with stress better. Friends and loved ones can be a good source of advice and suggest new ways of handling problems. But they can also be an excellent distraction from what's bothering you. If your network of friends is small, think about volunteering, joining an outdoor activities group or trying an online meet-up group to make new friends.

Tell jokes and have a good laugh as, from a scientific perspective, laughter is a wonderful mind-body phenomenon that can reduce the production of stress hormones and boosts the immune system. Researchers in Japan found that people with rheumatoid arthritis who watched “rakugo” or comic storytelling experienced a significant decrease in their pain and stress hormone levels as well as an increase in two immune-enhancing hormones. As the saying goes "laughter is the best form of medicine!"

Tip 4. Meditate

One of the most powerful ways to relax and reboot your brain in a short amount of time is through simple meditation. In the image below you can see how the beta waves (shown in bright colors on the left) are dramatically reduced during meditation (shown on the right). Meditation has been shown to lower stress levels and can improve your overall health as well as your creativity. During my training as a reflexologist, I was shocked when my tutor told us that approximately 75% of all health issues were stress related! If you would like to join me in discovering lots of quick and effective tips to get your meditation practice off to a flying start I teach a lovely workshop called "Meditation Basics" as well as "Gifts of the Spirit Basics" in either Central London or South Somerset. If you are interested in finding out more than please click on the link.

Tip 5. Learn a new skill

Routine, Security and Efficiency are not your friend when it comes to boosting your brain power and rebooting your system. In order to keep your brain making new connections and keeping them active, you need to keep moving on from one slightly challenging activity to another. As soon as you reach that point when you feel you have mastered something your brain actually starts to become lazy! Therefore in order to beat this cycle you want to be in a constant state of slight discomfort, struggling to barely achieve whatever it is you are trying to do. Einstein alluded to this in his quote, "One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one's greatest efforts." This keeps your brain on its toes, so to speak. ...

Wishing you a fabulous thursday.

Love and Hugs

Sophia xxx

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